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longboards for downhill 2020

So you’re looking to pick up downhill skating and are wondering how to setup your board? Look no further. This article should help you get bearings of what type of equipment you’ll be needing. I’ll also talking about what generally… Continue Reading…

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setup trucks downhill

As part of my on-going skills to bomb hills series, I’ll be talking about how downhill skating beginners should set up their trucks. Your trucks determine how stable you will be when going fast, how you’ll slide, and basically how… Continue Reading…

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downhill skateboarding covid-19

I’ve noticed a lot of people are picking up skating or thinking about getting a board during this crisis – and it makes sense. Skating ticks a lot of boxes in this time – it’s a great way to get… Continue Reading…

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the best european longboard brands

This week’s article will be on the best European longboard brands. I’ve looked at companies, brands, and people that make high-quality longboard gear. After reading it, you’ll know where to look for your next longboard. By no means is this list… Continue Reading…

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When people watch downhill skate videos, they see skaters going down roads at 100kph (60mph), taking turns at high speeds, and doing risky-looking maneuvers – all this with fast-moving traffic coming up in the other lane! Personally, I wouldn’t blame them… Continue Reading…

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