The people below are the support system of downhill254. Without them, none of this would be possible. None of the clips you see, none of the spots etc. etc.
They have all contributed their time and resources towards this brand and I couldn’t be more thankful. They are what allows this thing to keep growing, because literally without them, Downhill254 would be nothing.
This list is not in anyway exhaustive, there are loads of people who have helped along the way. If I haven’t put you up here, don’t take it badly, I’m sure me and my bad memory will remember at some point down the line.

Also, making this list has made me realise how lucky I am to have all these people in my life. Jheeeeeeze.

Hopefully, one day I’ll get super rich and I’ll have enough dough to buy each one of them a Mercedes. But alas, I shall probably not so y’all will have to settle with unlimited favors and dinners on me. Sooo in no particular order ….


Sharon helped me film the video in Kiambu. She got us a car, got us a camera and just blew my mind how she was so prepared and dedicated to helping me get some media. She always encourages and supports me, always shares the brands media and is a constant presence showing her support. People like her are so important when you’re feeling down and like giving up.


Jones was one of the first few people to skate with me. We would go to sessions, record each other, skate, have fun etc. It was dope.
He supports the brand and has been ready to put himself out there for it. Lucky to have a dope friend like him around.


I was actually able to buy my first longboard thanks to Sangam. It was a Lush longboard.
Literally, none of this would have happened if he didn’t do what he did.

Leeds Longboard

The guys over at Leeds longboarding welcomed me into their crew. They showed me all their spots and would invite me to sessions. Without them I don’t think I would have enjoyed skating as much.
Shoutout to Andy, Andrew, Rory, Licks, Ry, Oscar, Zach, Jones and Dreek!

Riley & Maleek

Can’t have one without the other. These guys have helped me record a lot of stuff. They are behind the first video I ever was in.
They come all the way to my house (which is basically in the middle of nowhere) to help me record. If that isn’t support I don’t know what is. These guys laid the foundation for Downhill254.


Another constant presence on social media. Mateo is always showing the pages some love and sometimes gives feedback, let me know if a video is dope. It’s so hard to tell if something is good or bad when you’ve made it yourself, you need outside people to tell you whats up.


Edwin is my neighbor. I usually bump into him and ask him to film a quick clip for me. Often that turns into me trying over and over to do something until I get it. He’s always patient and encourages me to get the trick down.
None of the clips you see on Insta would be possible without him.


Mr Speight himself.
Andy used to drive me to sessions and we’d just hang out and skate together. He is a key part of the Leeds longboarding crew and him and the other Andy welcomed me into their crew.
He always shows his support on social media and he even gifted one of his longboards.
Andy has his own Longboard company where he makes dope longboards, skateboards and cruiser, it would be cool if y’all could check it out 


Natalie would help me record clips and would suffer (with no complaints) through my “One more time, I swear I’ll get it down” phases without any complaints. She supports the brand and is always encouraging me to do one or two things. She helps me sell stickers in the UK (and that goes a long way for a broke boi like me).


I used to skate loads with Eric. Like a lot, maybe too much haha.
He would help me record clips and would go to lengths to get the best shot possible, he would take time out of his day to help me out. He is the cycler behind all the cycle raw runs (you can probably see his phone camera in the photo) which is so badass. Really appreciate how he supported the brand.

Brianne collective

This one is for Ry and Tom. Thanks to both of you I got to skate and enjoy Wales. I got my first taste of skating proper big hills thanks to that. Eternally grateful. I also got to attend my first longboard event ever thanks to y’all. If you’re a longboarder in the UK, check them out


Kas has helped me film nearly all of my high-quality raw runs.
We would literally duct tape his DSLR to the hood of his car and he’d follow me down the hill. He would also sacrifice time out of his day to come film and help me out. The brands media would suck without his input.


I’m currently teaching Christabel how to skate. She is super fearless and not afraid of going for it (it’s kinda scary sometimes tbh haha). She helps me record some clips at the end of sessions. Thanks for not letting me be the only (lonely) longboarder in Kenya.


Andy is part of the Leeds crew. He would help me record clips, give me advice and we would just chat shit sometimes. He was super cool to hang out with and a joy to have around at sessions. He was ready to help move back to the UK and figure stuff out, he’s a real one. If y’all find yourselves in Leeds. Hit him up for a session, you won’t regret.


Bryan hooked me up with a set of wheels last year. Those wheels helped me get so much better at skating and helped me enjoy it 10 times more.
He came in clutch at a point where I was broke and needed to update my gear. Thank you Brian!!


Always showing the pages some love.
Brij is a high school friend. He is super supportive and his support goes a long way. Been there since day one of the page (I think).
He is also an inspiration and I look up to him a lot too.
Stoked to have friends like these.