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Enkeeo brand and longboard review

Enkeeo longboard brand review

Looking to get yourself a board but don’t know where to start? Enkeeo is an outdoor lifestyle brand that has one or two budget longboards. They aren’t the craziest or flashiest board on the market, but they may be just the right fit for beginner boarders.

In my article below, I review these longboards and figure out if they are actually any good. After reading it, you’ll know whether these boards may be right for you – and if Enkeeo are a brand worth supporting.

Who are Enkeeo?

They are an outdoor lifestyle brand

As I mentioned earlier, Enkeeo are an outdoor lifestyle brand. They sell everything from camping generators, bike locks, to tents and flashlights. You could say they are a jack of all trades kinda of company – trying to be a one-stop shop.

Beyond that, finding more information about this company has been difficult. Even after sifting through their website and social media pages, I haven’t learned much more about the company. Just more information on the variety of products they make.

However, they do seem to be a company based in China with a strong online presence – primarily in markets in the US and a handful of other western countries.

They seem to experiment with their products, buying large quantities and selling them until they run out,  sticking with only the products that do well. A tactic used by most Internet-based businesses in a bid to find profitable niches and products. As such, you may find some of their products to be sold out with no hope of restocking. I hope this isn’t true with their longboards if they are of decent quality.

But what does an outdoor brand know about longboarding or skating? What makes someone who makes climbing gear think they know how to put together a longboard? If their longboards are as good as the other products they make – then we have little to worry about.

Check out my review of their longboards below.

Enkeeo Longboards Review

Enkeeo 40 Inch Drop-Through Longboard

The Enkeeo board comes in at 40inches in length and 9inches in width. It’s made with 9 -plys of maple with a bit of flex for added comfort.

Enkeeo 40 inch longboardThe length and width of this board should make it comfortable and easy to control. Because at 9in in width, the board has plenty of space for a rider to balance and shift their feet. Boards that are too narrow can often be uncomfortable to skate and hard to control.

The 40in of length also aids in making the board stable and easy to control, another good feature for beginner skaters. This is because the distance between the wheels will be longer and the board will have a wider turning circle. Simply meaning it won’t turn too quickly or suddenly, but in slower, smooth and predictable way. But it may feel abit slow turning and sluggish for some advanced riders.

Some more experienced skaters may enjoy more nimble cruiserboards, that are smaller and responder better to rider input.

The skateboard comes with 7inch aluminum trucks and 7omm tall longboard wheels. The trucks are drop mounted – which simply means they are mounted ontop of the board as opposed to under. This does a few things. It brings the board closer to the ground, making it easier to push, footbreak and generally makes it feel more stable.

The 70mm wheels are pretty big and this is good. It means the skateboard will be able to roll over pebbles and cracks with ease, and it will also provide a smoother ride over a lot of different pavements.

Check out the Enkeeo 40in board here on

Enkeeo 22 Inch Cruiser

Enkeeo 22 inch cruiserboard

Coming in at a tiny 22inches in length. The Enkeeo cruiser is a quirky alternative to the Pennyboard.

It’s small length and tiny width (6inches) makes it a hard board to place. Whilst a lot of companies would recommend it as a commuting board or something for your kid to skate. I would say that it is too tiny for 90% of riders out there.

Riding a board that is too skinny feels like skating a tight rope. It simply isn’t enjoyable and your feet start hurting after a short period of time.

Other than that, the cruiserboard is of fairly decent quality. The deck is made from bendable polypropylene –  a type of plastic that is durable and rugged enough to stand the abuse of skating and not break.

Instead of griptape up top, you have a waffle tread pattern designed to give you grip. This is nice because it means you can store this board in your bag without worrying about the grip scratching and cutting up your other stuff. It also means you can comfortably skate this barefoot – though I personally wouldn’t advise that.

The main benefit of this board is how easy it will be to store. It will fit under your desk at school, in your locker, or will be easily tucked away in your closet.

Check out this cruiserboard here on

What do you think of Enkeeo?

Personally, I think Enkeeo isn’t too different from a lot of the other beginner longboard brands out there. They are just out to make money and are making longboards that are a reflection of that. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though – their skateboards are more than adequate for beginner boarders. And you can’t complain when you consider the cost too.

But for advanced riders, I would suggest they look elsewhere for good longboards. Enkeeo are a good beginner brand, but their boards simply aren’t good enough for more experienced riders. They should instead look towards more dedicated longboard brands who produce higher quality gear. Being more experienced, they will be able to appreciate the upgrade in quality, and justify paying the higher cost for it.



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