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The BEST downhill skate videos of 2019 (so far)

This weeks article is a short compilation of some of the best downhill skate videos of 2019. I think anyone interested longboarding will find it helpful and entertaining.

I’ve handpicked the videos that stood out the most to me. The ones I sat through without clicking away even once. So yeah, I’m confident you will like these videos too. Check it out below.

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Judgment criteria:

As much as I do think I have decent taste when it comes to videos, I don’t think my views will be universal. That said, hopefully you’ll find something you really like on this list.

So how am I judging these videos? Whats makes one better than the other?

  • Is your video fun, enjoyable?
  • Does it give good vibes?
  • Does it make me want to watch it again?
  • If I find myself returning to your video more than twice, then yeah, it’s probably quite good.

Finally, I have to say that there are loads of undeserving videos out there that aren’t on this list. Some missing out because I’m not the biggest fan of the rider’s style, the filming style, didn’t vibe with the video, or I simply didn’t see them. So yeah, keep that in mind as you go through the list.

My favorite downhill skate videos of 2019 (so far)

NCDH X Chroma Skateboards: Pat Dort

I’ll be straight with you guys, there are very few stand-up sliding videos I’ve enjoyed this year. Why? To be honest, a lot of the videos didn’t make me go like, “Wow, I really wish I was like that guy.”

And in some way, I think that’s ok. This is because for however long I’ve been skating, the things that have impressed me and that I tend to appreciate, have changed over time. For example, when I started out, I really enjoyed freeriding videos, but these days, hands-down downhill videos are what impress and interest me the most.

But man, with all that said and done, Pat Dort’s freeride video below blew me away. The style, the filming, the vibe, everything feels on point. And to avoid getting too wordy, I’d ask that you check out the video for yourself below and draw your own conclusions.

MELBONG TOUR || Skatetrip Video

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on a skate trip? To get in a van with your homies, and just skate hills endlessly for weeks? Those heavily edited downhill team videos (**see sector 9/muir skate/get in the van etc. etc.) not doing it for you? Check out MillsDawgMedia’s video below.

I like this video because it’s down to earth and somewhat ‘realistic’. By that I mean, I watch this and I feel like, yeah I’d probably have a similar experience if I went on a skate trip with the homies. And that’s really what makes this video stand out for me. It’s what kept me invested and really pulled me into the experience. Check it out for yourself below.

NCDH: Collective Effervescence

I think the community is the most underrated and least communicated/advertised part of downhill skateboarding. And by this, I’m talking about how complete strangers come together to bond and form communities over this sport. About the adventures we get to share together and how these experiences shape us.

And I think it’s important to highlight this, because as fun as skateboarding is on its own, it is so underrated how being apart of something makes you feel. How being accepted, loved and wanted by a community affects you. How it affects your mental health and how it can heal you as an individual.

And I can think of no video that gives those vibes more than this NCDH edit. Simply highlighting what it is all about. Having fun with your friends and just trying to make it down the hill in one piece. No judgment of race, color or background. Just a bunch of people having fun together. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL I COULD CRY.


IDF Verdicchio Race Heat:

My facebook comment pretty much sums up why this heat is impressive: “Maybe one of the best race heats I’ve seen. Crazy how many different lines they took but was still fairly close till the last corner.”

For a bit of context, this video is a race heats from the Verdicchio IDF race. A race on the IDF calendar (article coming soon explaining all you need to know about the IDF and competitive downhill skate racing).

I personally think this track might be one of the best races on the IDF calendar. Heres why:

  • It isn’t too fast but has a fast enough straight in the first half of the track, that a rider with a great tuck (and if they’re just generally heavy) can be fast.
  • It has a technical section in the bottom half, with loads of sweepers so a lighter rider is generally at an advantage going around them – they are lighter so can carry more speed through the corners than heavier riders.
  • However, all these advantages don’t amount to much if you don’t have a good strategy and don’t race well.
  • Finally, riders can take loads of different lines through the sweepers, choosing to slide, scrub through the corner, air break etc. They can take so many lines that the race is usually neck and neck if all the riders are racing well.

In a nutshell, it can make for interesting racing. Check it out for yourself below.

Toms Wurld

If you don’t know Jack Boston, here is a good chance to get to know him. He’s behind a ton of legendary skate videos – Grade, James Kelly this, Liam Morgan that, the Prism Skate co. Faces series etc.

The video below is about one of my favorite editors/media/filmers – Tom Flinchbaugh. He is the dude behind the legendary Santa Gnarbara media page and is a very accomplished filmer/editor in his own right.

I like the video below because it steps away from the traditional formula of skate edits. It tells a story, keeps it fresh, light, interesting and fun. No words I write can do it justice. Check it out for yourself.

Tame the Taipan

I don’t think there was a video that showed how gnarly the Tame the Taipan hill was as much as this one (The Cuei team had a pretty good video too).

Tame the Taipan was one of, if not the gnarliest race tracks on this year’s IDF circuit. With speeds of over 90kph, crazy gradients and wavy pavement, this track was a challenge for even the best riders in the world.

Honestly, neither words (or video) do this hill justice, but like, whenever I watch this video I think to myself – “You know what, maybe downhill skateboarding is too gnarly. Maybe we’re all fucking nuts to be doing this”.

Check it out for yourself.

Boarding media: The Glutton

Another freeride edit that made me hold my head in disbelief and shout “NO WAY” out loud. Boarding media’s ‘The Glutton’ is what I would call a 10/10 edit.

It has great filming, crazy skateboarding, sketchy riding, great music, and gorgeous visuals. I would hesitate to call it a masterpiece, but it does come quite close. You gotta see it for yourself.

Tim Del Goes (too) Fast

What more can I say? This video speaks for itself. A 70mph raw run down a rough and bumpy road and he gets it done with style.

And like, 70mph on an open road is impressive on its own, but this road seems seriously sketchy too. Kinda makes you question if Tim is human at all …

Ohana Sessions Season 2 || Episode 1: Long Time Coming

A video by Linus Marsh. Linus is low key one of the best filmers and editors in the longboard community. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the attention and exposure I think he MORE than deserves.

In this edit, he captures himself and his homies chilling, skating, and booling.

I like it because its a good edit in its own right with a ton of vibe and variety, but it also showcases downhill skating beyond skating itself. And like, the video seems like it’s just a bunch of normal dudes kicking it, but some of those dudes are some of the best downhill skaters in the world lol.

If you’re looking for more stuff from Linus, check out his downhill skate film “An Endless Summer” here. Recapping his 2018 Euro and Australian downhill skate tour.

Longboarding: The Forgotten Method

In a world that prioritizes raw runs and crazy skating, the homies turn back time to a period with more style and grace.

This video is super refreshing and I guarantee this video will put a smile on your face and will get you thinking about doing all sorts of spins and shit.

(P.s check out Clayton Arthurs :: Fall Skating video here. Another GREAT video by the Homies that just missed the cut by a little bit.)


Cuei Wheels:

Featuring 2018s IDF champion. Thiago makes it down this narrow and fast descent with style and grace, all whilst keeping it tidy. Pssst, this is just a glimpse of his power level.

But seriously, downhill skating is already really hard in itself. Controlling your board, sliding perfectly etc. But doing it all on a narrow road, whilst sticking in your lane and going that fast? It’s pretty impressive in my opinion.

Jenny Schauerte: Frijoles Fresco

Jenny gives us a glimpse into the Colombian downhill skate community. I don’t see much from the Colombian skate fam, expect a viral clip or two, so it’s nice to see this other side of things.

My favorite clip from this edit starts 7minutes in. Just a hectic highway run, with the skaters passing cars, dodging buses and just going much faster than they should.

If there was an award for pure ballsynesss, it would 100% go to the Colombian skate family.

Cole Trotta: Jitterbug

Watch as Cole makes it down one of the STEEPEST hills in the world. Most skaters struggle down this, sliding every couple of feet to keep there speed in check. Coles makes it look too easy, without ever putting a single hand down.

To add on to that, this road is probably the sketchiest looking piece of skateable tarmac I’ve seen on video. Moss, leaves, twigs, etc., it’s not good news. Check it out below.

CGSA Downhill: Kozakov

Perhaps the best event video of this year? The CGSA have outdone themselves with this edit and captured the atmosphere of, and the IDF world cup event Kozakov really well.

I’ll be honest, a ton of event recap videos are boring. Just constant clips of the same corners, with some editing bullshit thrown in. However, this video is the exact opposite and is incredibly refreshing. Check it out for yourself.

Minotaur downhill:

Idk, but this video just screams dedication to and love for the sport. It’s not the most impressive technically, but it just captures something that I’m struggling to put into words.

Maybe watch it and you’ll get what I mean?


Did you see anything you like?

I know I said best in the title, but it’s more like favorites. It’s a bit of clickbait, but it’s necessary for SEO.

That said, what do you think of the list? Is there anything you would add, or dare I say, take away? Lemme know in the comments. But with all that said and done, I hope you’ve come away at least seeing one fresh edit or two.


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