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So this our first post on the blog!

The other day I organised a skate and explore trip out to a nearby county. Been scoping these hills for a while and finally had some spare cash so I was able to fund the trip. I’m stoked that we finally got round to going there and seeing what they were like.
Needless to say, we managed to get some good media.

On the day, we had Kas driving and Ed taking photos + other media related activities. I was basically giving directions and chilling.

The first spot we showed up to was a busy by-pass. I had driven through it many a time and had always been interested in skating it. vlcsnap-2018-04-14-22h37m34s613I reckon I could go pretty fast on it (maybe 80kmh) but I don’t think it’s worth finding out. Its pretty busy and can be risky, loads of overtaking and oncoming vehicles.

I was pretty nervous and wasn’t able to go full send. It’s still nice to have it as a one and done though.

The next spot was further out but its where we got the best media of the day. It was in a nice area the was super green, really cool/humid and honestly just great. It was such a contrast to the first spot and was a beautiful place to be in.
The road itself was super quiet so I reckon its a nice spot to take beginner skaters. The road starts mellow, gets slightly steeper and the runs out near a lake and there is a hill with a bit of runoff. It’s about a kilometer long and would be a perfect place to learn how to draft and tuck and just enjoy being onboard.

We filmed a raw run and I’m stoked on how it came out. The run topped out around 70kmh (I think it was faster but I forgot to run the speed up on my phone).
Here it is:



It was a lot of fun and I really like that hill. I reckon I (hopefully “we” next time) shall be organising another trip there with more exploration around that area.

I didn’t want to keep my hopes up and was focused on simply getting this done as the first trip and seeing what was possible. Now that the benchmark has been set we can move forward and hopefully produce even better things.

The guys did really well with the filming. Kas was driving the follow car and I’m happy with how close he brought the car (I’ll push him to bring it closer without compromising my safety). Ed took some great videos at another spot that I will be sharing soon.

Here is an unflattering image of me.


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