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Seismic slide pucks review

Today’s product review is on the Seismic slide pucks. I picked up the Premium Extra Hard versions to give them a go on these Nairobi roads. Check out how they perform.


  • Size 
    • Outer diameter – 3.25″ / 82.5mm. 
    • Thickness – 12mm thick.

Seismic slide pucks review

How do they slide?

The Seismic slide pucks are very slidey and slick. Definitely one of, if not the slickest pucks I have ever used. They glide across the pavement and make you feel as though you have ice attached to your gloves. It also feels as though your hand doesn’t slow you down at all.

In comparison, pucks like Ojooms feel more buttery as they slide across the pavement.

This slickness is super nice for hands-down slides

Because they are very slick and because your hand doesn’t slow you down much if at all. When sliding, I felt I could really finesse and control my board better. It also felt a bit easier forcing and pushing my weight onto the board.

I think this is the greatest strength of these pucks and would be the main reason I would buy them again. They allow for better control and you can REALLY push into your deck hard.

Slide over rougher roads really well

That beveled edge and super slick slide of theirs make them glide over rougher roads, over cracks, and over uneven surfaces really smoothly. They don’t catch at all and just float.

It’s really nice when you’re skating roads that have a lot of pavement changes. It’s very reassuring and you can just send it.

seismic pucks + sticker

They have a consistent slide

They have a consistent slide over most types of pavement.

They’re hard af

They’re super hard and even kinda heavy for their size (weight is negligible). Very dense pucks.

Very noisy

These pucks are super noisy. Noisiest pucks I have ever used. The whole neighborhood is gonna know when you’re out having a session. 

This is bad if you’re trying to be stealthy and low-key. Not that bad if you don’t care.

This is also bad if you have sensitive ears. My ears would sometimes ring after long hands-down slides on these. They would also ring from use with others pucks, but the issue was far more apparent with these.

The noise affects the user experience a little and I feel a little self-conscious when I’m out there doing the thing. That said, they’re perfect for mountain runs where it’s just you and the mountain.

And as you wear past that beveled edge, this noise will get a bit worse.

Not as durable as I’d like

The pucks aren’t that durable. I didn’t skate them for too long and they wore down a surprising amount. This sucked.

The beveled edge also disappeared quickly and the pucks caught more on rougher pavement – but not as much as other pucks. I’d have liked the pucks to have a longer beveled edge.

word down seismic slide pucks

They wore faster than my Ojooms and other UHMW pucks I’ve used. 

What would have also been nice is having a beveled edge at the back/otherside so I could stick the velcro on the other side and have more use out of the puck. I’ve done this with some sets of Ojooms.

They’re quite expensive

For $26, they’re pretty pricey for pucks. Now I don’t mind paying this much for pucks, or premium equipment in general. If the performance and durability is there, I’m happy. But with these, the performance was there but the durability was lacking.

What I didn’t like

The noise

As I said earlier the noise sucked. These things are seriously noisy man, like seriously. Check out the clips below. Can you guess which are Ojooms and which are Seismics?

In the Insta clip I have Ojooms and in the Youtube clip I have Seismics. Just listen to how shrill the Seismics are man …

How fast they wore down

They wore down fast. It felt like my $26 was just going to wear away quickly. 

I think if they were larger/wider they’d wear slower or we’d simply have more material to go through.

And given the beveled edge is too small as well, Seismic should really just make the puck taller, increase the beveled edge and just give us more material to go through.

seismic slide pucks

What do you think? Are the Seismic pucks worth the purchase?

I think not really. For how much you pay, you aren’t getting your money worth – at least from a durability and everyday use sort of standpoint. From a performance standpoint, they’re worth it. They perform well.

I think Seismic should go back to the drawing board with this one. And give us/me a puck that is wider and taller. I think that would solve the issues I’ve highlighted (and maybe reduce the slickness a bit, but worth it for durability).

Anywho, that is my opinion, let me know if you have similar or dissimilar thoughts.

seismic skate sticker

Thanks for reading! Closing thoughts

I do think the Seismic pucks are worth buying at least once and skating with at least once. But if you do want something more durable and longer lasting, they are not the ones to go for imo.

Big thanks to all my patrons for the support – Jed, Mowgii, Jan, Jay, Bryan, Owen, Samil, Daniel, Alex, Kasajja, Leah, Helge, DeLacoste, and Justin. I couldn’t write articles like this without you guys’ support

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2 comments on “Seismic slide pucks review

Owen Campbell

This review was a nice surprise, I’m glad someone shared their experience with these. Great work, as always. The writing just gets better and better each time. You definitely have a more distinct identity in your writing than you used to, and I can hear your voice as I read. Can’t say the same for most other authors I consume. Cheers


Ahaha, bless man. As for hearing my voice, you’ve probably been watching too many Downhill254 videos 👀


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