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Longboards for girls (and people with small feet)

best longboards for girls and people with small feet

Let’s face it, skateboarding really isn’t an activity where the genders need different types of equipment. Anybody can ride any sort of board and have fun doing it. However, this opinion changes when you start to look at the little things. You start to see the need for different types of boards as it becomes more apparent that different people have different needs, even in skateboarding. Read the article below if you want to learn what sort of longboards are good for girls.

Do girls really need different longboards? The argument for …

When it comes down to the color and style of the longboard, not at all. Those things are a matter of preference and only matter on the individual level. But when it comes to the shape and size of the longboard, I argue yes. Girls on average have smaller organs and bodies than guys. They tend to be shorter, weigh less, and have smaller feet.

The majority of longboards out there won’t be optimized for riding by them. And yes, I’m talking about the 44inch long, 10inch wide cruisers. They’ll be big, hard to control, and uncomfortable to ride.

What does small feet, short height, and less weight have to do with skating?

How does your foot size affect your skateboarding?

When you have smaller feet, you won’t be able to place your heel and toe on the edges of the longboard. If you can place your heel and toe on the rails, you can comfortably control how the skateboard leans and turns. When the board is too wide for your feet, your control over it is limited.

Not having enough control can make skating feel uncomfortable, uncontrollable, and wild even. Even with my big size 9.5 (US) feet, I have trouble on really wide boards and don’t feel like I’m in total control.

How does your height affect skating?

What about when you’re short? I think height is less impactful in skating. But generally speaking, height dictates how far apart your stance is. If you’re tall, you naturally have a wide stance. If you’re small, a narrower stance. Given people have similar stances on a board of a given length, it makes sense to think that a smaller person, with a narrower stance, will be more comfortable on a shorter board.

With most longboards designed around men’s height, it is natural for women who tend to be shorter, to feel uncomfortable on them.

So a rider can only comfortably stand with their feet apart so much. If you find yourself standing with a really wide, uncomfortable stance to control a board, then perhaps you should get a longboard that is smaller in height. Again, this can be a personal preference thing, but most riders enjoy boards that aren’t too long.

What about your weight?

What about your weight? Weight basically determines how much force and input you can put into the board to make it turn. If you don’t weigh much, you won’t be able to make the board turn a lot and it won’t be responsive to your inputs. If you weigh too much, you can make the board turn too much and it will feel very soft and squishy.

weighing scales

Bushings are what determine how easy or hard to turn your board is. They are the little plastic looking things in your truck that control the turning. They made from urethane an the squish and compress when you put weight on them.

If you’re just cruising around, bushings may not matter to you much. but that said, they can really change the way your board feels. If you want the perfect feel from your longboard it’s worth experimenting with the aftermarket bushing options tuned to your weight – I talk more about the bushings below.

Because again, bushings are built around male skaters, women who tend to weigh less may feel unconfident and may not enjoy the stock (90a) bushings on most longboards. They may find them too stiff.

Pro model longboards by women for examples …

And the evidence is there. 99% of all pro model longboards released by girl skaters are smaller than the average 10inch wide longboard. Usually, the explanation behind the boards goes something like this – “a narrower board makes it easier for a skater to move from edge to edge without shifting their feet too much”, followed by “the rider felt uncomfortable on large downhill boards”.

I’ve heavily featured downhill skateboard pro-models in the examples below. It is difficult to get an example of a pro-model from a girl from another discipline of skating.

Amanda Powell Riviera Pro models

Amanda Powell is one of the OG female skateboards. She actually had two pro models. The first one features in the picture below. It is called the Riviera Ursa Minor, with an alternative option called the Ursa Major (it simply had a different graphic). The Ursa minor is pictured below.

The Ursa Minor comes in at 38.44inches in length with a narrow width of 9inches. Its long length is thanks to the two kicktails it had – check out the picture below.  The Ursa Minor designed for downhill & to be a do-everything board, though it has since been discontinued. If you’d like more information on it. you can find out more about it here on

Amanda Powells other pro model was a double kick called the Mystic Amanda Powell Pro Model. It featured a graphic in a similar style to the Ursa Minor above. And like the Ursa Minor, it was also designed to be a do-everything board. It had two kicktails and a long 26inch wheelbase. It was 39.25inch long, with a narrow width of 9inches.

**cool tidbit if you didn’t know – Amanda Powell is one of the girl skaters in Red Hot Chilli Peppers Dark Necessities video.

Riviera Mystic Amanda Powell Pro Model Longboard SKateboard Custom ...

Emily Pross Kebbek Pro models

Emily Pross is the most dominant, female downhill skateboard racer of all time. She wins every race she attends and pretty much has no competition as far as other girls are concerned. She’s scooped the women world championship 4 times now and has no sign of stopping. With her sights set on the open world title.

Emily Pross Mountain pro model

Like Amanda above, Emily also has two pro models. The first is the Emily Pross Mountain model and the second the Emily Pross City model. The Mountain has been designed for downhill skateboarding. It’s been built with 7plys of maple with 2 plys of fiberglass. It comes in at a length of 34.5inches with a width of 9.5inches at the widest point.

The Mountain is wider around the middle but is actually narrower where you stand and near the truck mounting points. Measuring less than 9inches in width. Check it out in the picture below. Though not the most beginner-friendly downhill skateboard, it is one of the best around. Find out more about it here on

Emily Pross City pro model

If you’re looking for a fun city cruiser and want to support a female athlete, you can pick up the Emily Pross City Pro-model here on It features a similar graphic to the Mountain model above. Unlike the Mountain model, it is a double kick skateboard. It’s been designed for vert, bowl skating, tech sliding and just cruising around. It comes in at 33in in length and 8.8inches in width.

Lilian Gutsch – Root Longboards Nymphaea pro model

In an interview with about her pro model board, Lilian talked about how she felt uncomfortable having to shift her feet on bigger boards. And how this wasn’t very nice to do at higher speeds – as too much shifting can lead to wobbles. She wanted a board where she could put pressure on either side without moving her feet too much.

Because she had small feet and a smaller stance, it obviously meant that she needed a smaller board that fit her size. In the end, her Root Longboards pro model ended up being 32inches in length and only 8.66inches in width. Very narrow and quite short. Lilian would also say that her deck was also a good option for kids – a statement I completely agree with.

How to pick a longboard for a girl? Buying guide

Alright, we’ve looked at one or two things already and have found evidence for why girls need decks suited for their needs. Now let’s check out what features actually make a longboard good for a girl.

What size longboard is best?

To get a good longboard for a girl, you need to pick one between 8.5inches to 9.5inches in width. If you have smaller feet, you can go for the narrower 8.5inch option. As I mentioned above, this will bring the rails (or edges of the longboard), closer to your toes and heels, making it easier to turn left or right and to balance on it. In short, giving you better control and balance on the longboard.

s1 half-shell helmet ty top photo: skate slate

When it comes to length, anything between 30 to 36inches will be comfortable to skate. That said, the length isn’t such an important factor. If you think you can handle it, a 40inch board would be fine too. But I would recommend you stick to longboards between 30-36inches. In summary, you what a longboard between 30-36inches in length and 8.5-9.5inches in width.

Getting the right board for want you want to do …

Skating is very diverse. There are loads of different disciplines and all of them have boards built specifically for that type of riding. If you’re not careful, you might get the wrong board for the type of skating you want to do. This might make skating quite awkward and uncomfortable.

For example, if you get a trick skateboard for cruising around you won’t have a fun time. Skateboards are very narrow (usually about 8inches wide) and have really small wheels. In a skatepark where the surface is smooth, these wheels work well and roll smoothly. But they perform poorly on the road or sidewalk. They get caught in cracks, pebbles and can’t even roll over the smallest of bumps.

Big wheels, yes or no?

As a universal law, longboards with bigger wheels have a smoother ride. They can roll over cracks, pebbles, and even small rocks if they are big enough. You should aim to get a board that has wheels between 68 to 75mm in size. These wheels will provide a smooth ride and will be able to roll for a long time.

fireball tinder wheels

Click here if you want to learn more about longboard wheels.

Make sure you’re picking a high-quality complete

With the above said, you need to make sure you are picking up a high-quality complete that comes with good components. A high-quality longboard will ride smoothly and feel great underfoot. It will have good components that compliment each other – things like wheelbite, or rattle won’t be an issue. It will give you an excellent riding experience.

Though, I do think it’s ok to start out with a cheaper complete between $50-100. Not everyone has the money to spend $150+ on a longboard, especially if you aren’t sure you will like it as a hobby. Some people simply want to test the waters and see how it goes from there. It’s understandable.

Others simply can’t afford the more expensive completes altogether. So yes, I do think it’s ok to get a cheaper longboard. But, make sure you understand that a cheap longboard won’t ride all that well. It won’t be as smooth, feel as good, or ride as well as the more expensive options, especially if you buy one at the $50-100 price point.

In summary, you should aim to buy a high-quality longboard. If you can’t afford it and would simply like to test the waters, a $50-$100 will be a good start.

Tips to make longboards better suited for you

Get bushings for your weight

As I said earlier, bushings are the little “plastic looking” things in your truck that controls how you lean and turn. They also control how stable and smooth your trucks feel. If you want your board to ride smoothly and turn how you, you should get aftermarket bushings that are tuned into your weight.

Bushings control the lean and turn, based on how hard they are relative to your weight. Most trucks come with stock bushings around 90a. So if you’re a lightweight rider, these 90a bushings might make turning feel too difficult. If you’re a heavyweight rider, the 90a bushings might feel soft, making your trucks turn too quickly and too much.

Bushings can be a bit complicated. The bushing guide below is made by the company Venom bushings –  who make aftermarket bushings. This guide is a good place to start and should help you pick what bushings you need. Choose the longboard bushings under the standard column for longboard and ignore the rest for now.

Venom Bushing Selector – Motion Boardshop

The chart shows which bushings you can pick for your weight. For example, for the 100lbs rider, pick either 81a bushings for your trucks or 78a bushings. The 81a bushings will have a tighter feel and make the board feel more stable. The 78a bushings will allow the trucks to turn more, but won’t have such a stable ride. Another example, the 101-120lbs can pick either 81a or 85a bushings.

You can pick the relevant combinations of Venom bushings here on

Another bushing manufacturer to choose from is Riptide bushings. They have a very diverse line up of bushings, from very, very soft options, to more stiff ones. They are worth checking out. They have their own bushing chart that you should look through.

Finally, because bushing preferences and suggestions will vary between riders, I also recommend you can ask the riders over at #WhatgearshouldIbuy, or talk to riders in the Reddit r/longboarding daily general thread for bushings specific to your weight. When asking which bushings to get, you should mention your weight and what type of trucks you have.

What are some good longboards for girls?

High-quality cruiser (best option) – Loaded Boards Poke

Out of all the boards on my list, this is one of the best. It comes in a size and length that will be perfect for smaller riders and those with small feet. It is 34inches long and 9.125inches wide. It’s long enough to be called a longboard and wide enough for it to be comfortable when skating. But not too wide that it becomes uncomfortable to control.

The complete comes with high-quality components. It has Paris trucks, 70mm tall Orangatang wheels, and high-quality Loaded Jehu V2 bearings. These ensure that it has a smooth ride, with a nice feel when leaning and turning. The Paris trucks allow for an agile, but stable turn. They’re quite nice to skate and can have sort of have a surfy ride.

Finally, the Loaded Poke deck is both lightweight and flexible. Ensuring that the board isn’t too heavy when you have no choice but to carry it around. Whilst this is one of the longboards on my list, it is quite expensive. It costs just about $300. I think this might be an unreasonable price for a beginner skater but can make sense for someone experienced, or who will be using the longboard for a long time. Check it out here on

Budget cruiser for younger riders – Whome 31in

Small and feisty, this complete is a great option for smaller riders and those on a budget. It costs less than $70 and comes in a good size. It’s only 31inches long and 8.25inches wide. This makes it especially perfect for younger riders who have smaller feet. It is a shrunk-down version of a bigger longboard, which I think is cool. I also think the color scheme and design are pretty attractive too.

Though because it is so affordable, it does feature areas where costs have been cut. It has low-quality trucks and its bearings aren’t the best. If you’re an experienced rider, you can instantly tell they aren’t too good, they won’t feel nice underfoot. But most beginners will be fine, and won’t mind riding them. They haven’t yet developed the feel to differentiate between high-quality and alright feeling trucks.

Altogether, the Whome isn’t too bad of an option, especially if it’s for a beginner skater or those on a budget. If you can afford it, I would recommend instead to go for the Fireball cruiser below. It is a bit more expensive (just over $100) but comes with higher-quality components. Check out the Whome cruiser here on

High-end all-around board – Loaded Overland

Another Loaded board, the Loaded Overland is suited to riders who want a board created for all-around riding. If you want to be doing tricks, some freestyle maneuvers, or dancing, this could be a good option. It is small enough to be good enough for cruising around but has the necessary size for doing tricks too. It comes in at 37inches in length, with a width of 9.5inches. Though a bit on the wider side, this makes it better for doing cross-steps and other longboard dance things.

The Overland features high-quality components. It has 180mm, Paris trucks, and 69mm 83a Orangatang Kilmers. The trucks are wider than those on the Loaded Poke above, and they will provide a much smoother, stable turn thanks to this extra length. But they won’t be as quick to turn, or as agile. The deck is also super lightweight, so altogether, this deck doesn’t weight all that much.

The wheels are a bit small at 69mm. This makes them better for tricks and helps keep the overall weight of the board down. They’ll still be good for cruising but won’t handle big cracks and pebbles so well. Altogether, this is a great all-around board. However, it is quite expensive, costing over $300. I would recommend it if you plan on skating for a long time and want a durable board. It might not be the best option for the casual cruiser. Check it out the Loaded Overland here on

Landyatchz Drop cat 33in – Affordable, high-end cruiser (good for heavier riders too)

With a price point around $200 and a maximum weight of 250lbs, the Landy drop cat is a good complete for people who want something high-quality and affordable. It is also sturdy, with a bit of flex, making it good for heavier riders. Finally, it has both drop-through mounting and rocker. This allows the actual standing platform to be very low to the ground. This makes the board stable, easy to push, and fun to ride.

Because it’s so low to the ground, you don’t need to reach too far to push. This also increases your stability, which translates into a smoother ride, with less twitch and wobble when you shift your feet. It also means that when you turn, the board isn’t as responsive and wants to turn smoothly/slowly instead of quickly and suddenly. This board will be a great beginner board, as well as a good option for riders of all abilities.

Buy the Drop Cat here at the Landyachtz website. Use the code – “AroniSkate&Explore15for 5% off.

The big brother to this board is 38inches long and will be a better option for those looking for a more standing platform or a slower, more stable turn from the board. When it comes to components, the Drop cat has some great ones. Featuring Gen 6 bear trucks, Hawgs wheels, and Bear bearings. Find the Drop cat here on

Budget cruiser – Sola

Similar in price to the Whome above, the Sola board comes in at an affordable price of about $70. Not only that, but it has a small size and unique mounting option that makes it easy to ride and stable. This unique mounting option is called drop-down mounting. It’s when the standing platform of the deck is lower than where the trucks are mounted.

This mounting option brings the rider closer to the ground and ensures for easier pushing, foot braking, and makes turning feel smoother and more controlled. The side view of the Sola longboard in the image below should highlight this. Whilst it might not seem to lower you that much, it does make quite the difference when you’re riding.

Sola bamboo longboard

Similar to the Whome above, the components on this deck, especially the trucks, won’t be so good. They will ride ok and will provide a smooth ride, but they won’t be the best feeling. I recommend you upgrade them in the future if possible.

When it comes to size, the Sola is a bit larger at 38.75inches in length and 9.75inches in width. I think it will be a bit much for smaller, younger riders to handle easily. But it will be a good fit for bigger riders, although it is a bit wider than I would like. If you like a more traditional size longboard but still want something “girl-friendly”, this is a good choice. Check out the Sola drop-mount here on

Great for younger riders (great value for money) – Fireball Supply Co. Cruiser

Coming it at 29.75inches in length and 8.75inches in width. This board is small enough to be a compact cruiser, but still wide enough to be comfortable for skating. Even though I have size 10 (US) feet, I was able to skate this deck for over 6miles without getting cramps or feeling uncomfortable. If you’re looking for a compact cruiser, this is certainly the one to go with.

Perhaps one of the best cruisers I have ever ridden. Pictured below is the black version, with a different graphic. There are 3 you can choose from, all have a unique design from different the artist and look amazing. I had the white version, but I think that may have been sold out! Only a hundred of each have been made, so make sure to pick one up before they disappear.

And when it comes to components, this complete doesn’t disappoint. It has high-quality Paris tkp trucks, Dragon bearings, and Fireball 60mm tall Tinder wheels. The Paris trucks provide a smooth turn, and despite my 150lbs weight, I couldn’t get them it to wheelbite. Finally, the wheels provide a surprisingly smooth ride. I thought being 60mm tall, they would reflect a bit more road vibration, but they were very cushy. They were soft but had a fast ride.

Altogether, one of the best completes you can get. Hard to believe it only goes for slightly more than $100. When it comes to value for money, this one is hard to beat. Find out more about it here on, and check out the other designs too.

Good for small kids – Landyachtz Dinghy

The cruiser that needs no introduction, the Landyachtz Dinghy is one of the best selling cruisers of all-time. If you’ve ever been looking for a cruiser or a mini-longboard, you’ve likely come across it. Though it is popular, I don’t think its small size makes it a good option for anyone other than young riders. It’s only 28inches long and 8inches wide. Even for a compact cruiser, this is too narrow.

To check out other longboards that are great for kids, click here.

If a board is too short and too narrow, it becomes uncomfortable to skate. A lot of my friends don’t like Dinghy much. And older beginners who start on the Dinghy often find themselves selling there boards not too soon after. But if you know what you want, the Dinghy is a good option.

Buy the Dinghy here at the Landyachtz website. Use the code – “AroniSkate&Explore15for 5% off.

Some older riders don’t mind it and love the small size. If you want something bigger, the Landyachtz Tugboat or the Fireball cruiser above would be good options too. Finally, for costing about $150, you don’t get a lot of value for money with the Dinghy. The Fireball Cruiser above is much better value for money. Check out the Landyachtz Dinghy here on

Good for beginner downhill skaters – Loaded Tesseract

Are you looking to get into downhill skateboarding? The Loaded Tesseract is one of the best decks for it. It is both stiff, strong, lightweight, and durable. It comes with features that make it well suited to downhill skating. The W concave locks your feet in when you’re skating fast and doing slides and the rocker adds a little bit of stability which you need when you go faster than 30mph.

Click here to learn more about downhill longboards.

This deck has a unique construction. It is made of vertically laminated bamboo, fiberglass, and is reinforced with cork for some vibration absorption. It will help absorb the roughness to provide a smoother ride. Because they’re usually still, downhill decks are known for feeling rough and reflecting everything your rollover. The Loaded Cantellated Tesseract comes in at a length of 36inches with a width of 9.5inches.

This will be a good complete for anyone looking to get into downhill longboarding. It comes with 86a, Stimulus Orangatang wheels, which will be fast and easy to slide. Disappointingly, it comes with 50* Paris instead of the more stable 43* Paris. If you do get it, the first thing you should do is get the 43* Paris from a board shop. They will add a bit more stability and will make slides easier. Find out more about the Loaded Tesseract here on

Also, check out Chela killing it on the Tesseract in the video below.

Value for money dancing board – Landyachtz Tony Danza

Looking to get into longboard dance and freestyle? The Landyachtz Tony Danza is the way to go. Not only is this board affordable, but it comes with high-quality components and solid construction. For comparison, Loaded, Krown, and Timber dance boards all go for over $300. The 2020 Tony Danza costs just a hair over $200, so is by far the most wallet-friendly option to get into dancing.

landyachtz tony danza, best longboard for girls

I’ve linked the 39inch version below. It will be best suited for all-around riding. You can dance, do freestyle tricks and even cruise on it with ease. That said if you purely want to dance, the 47inch version of the Stratus, have a longer platform which will be better for dancing. Also because it is longer, you’ll be able to do longer, smoother carves on it.

When it comes to components, the Faction does pretty well. It comes with Bear trucks, Bear Spaceballs bearings, and Hawgs wheels. Check out the 39inch Stratus here at the Landyachtz website. Use the code – “AroniSkate&Explore15for 5% off.

What do you think? Found a board you like?

If you do get a complete board from my list, please do change the bushings. If you’re a very lightweight rider, the change in bushings can help liven up the turning of the board. It will make your skating a whole lot more enjoyable, so it is worth trying.

If you’re undecided about what to pick, I highly recommend the Loaded Poke if you have the cash. The Whome would be a good option and the Drop Cat or Fireball cruiser as good in-between alternatives.

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18 comments on “Longboards for girls (and people with small feet)

Bex Farmer

Thank you for publishing this article. I am a college student and I’ve been looking for a longboard to cruise around campus for months so I don’t have to walk in the heat. I have some skateboard experience, but I’ve found them terrible for longer rides because of the smaller wheels and all the pebbles, sticks, and bricks I run into on a college campus (I’ve been doing it for a long time off-and-on but never could do tricks, yet I can get from point A to point B just fine). I’ve found his article super helpful for stuff like wheels and bushings, but I’m wondering about different longboard styles.

I am about 120lbs, 5ft 4, and shoe size 8, and I was wondering if you knew anything about what a good dancing longboard for my size would be? I love the stylish, vibey look of peter-panning and I figure I’d have a lot more fun doing tricks that don’t require mastering an ollie first. If you can come up with any ideas or know of a place I can go to get some answers, please let me know!

Bex Farmer


Because you’re on the shorter side, I would say something about 40ish inches might be good?
I’m not very experienced with dancing so I can’t give you a CONCRETE answer, unfortunately. I highly recommend you join some longboard dance groups on Facebook, or try out r/longboarding to get advice from more experienced folk 🙂


I’ve been researching longboards for my 15 year old daughter but I am at a loss as to which board to get her. She has never longboarded before and is excited to find one that is a good fit. She is petite at 5’2” and 94lbs with a shoe size of only a women’s 4. Can you recommend one for her?
Thank you!


Landyachtz Drop cat 33 would work well for her 🙂


Hi! First of all, thanks for your very informative site and Youtube channel. After intensive research, I’ve gone with Drop Cat 33 as I picked up longboarding again after years. I used to have a Penny in college but after some ankle injuries, stability and a comfortable ride is priority since I just wanna cruise and vibe around the boardwalk or neighborhood.

Question though – what adjustment do you suggest to make the turning a bit more responsive? I’m 4’10” and 100 lbs so it’s understandably slower to read my inputs. I’m wondering whether I should loosen the trucks or get after market bushings mores suited to my size, as you’ve mentioned.

Thanks for the help!


Hey! Glad you find the site and the youtube channel informative 🙂
Go with soft aftermarket bushings. I recommend the soft 80a SHR venom bushings. Go for the double-barrel option. It should give you more response but still allow for a lot of control


Hey, I’m going to be on my college campus starting in Fall 2021 and I really want to get a new longboard to ride across my very large campus. I have a little longboarding experience but I’m still really a beginner. I’m 5’7, about 135 lb, and a women’s shoe size 7. I am looking to get a board that’s not overpriced, but is made with high-quality components that won’t need to be replaced or upgraded. I would appreciate your advice!


Also, I am looking for a board that’s design is not too crazy. I was looking at the Landyatchz ones and I didn’t like any of the art.


Hey, if Landyachtz aren’t your thing, check out Arbor, Zenit or Rayne. The LY Drop Cat, Zenit Cat Nip, and Arbor Zeppelin should work great for the type of riding you want to do. If not Patheon has some great cruisers available too. Also, check out the Comet Cruiser.


Thank you!!! I will definitely look into those.


Hi! I’m 5’2″ as well, about 115-120lbs, looking for a good dancing board. I am having a hard time figuring out how long of a board I should be looking for. Do you recommend a size?


I’d go with something 44inches in size!


My 6 year old daughter has been wanting a skateboard for at least a year, her birthday is coming up. To get her started I was thinking maybe a longboard to learn, balance etc, She will be mostly around the neighborhood, flat and hilly, until she learns – then graduate to occasional skate park. Not opposed to add another board at that point.

Any recommendations on what I should be looking for as a beginner? Skateboard? Longboard? Cruiser? Maybe a particular model?

What length board do you recommend? And what width? I was thinking shorter was better, like 22 or 26” but I read somewhere longer boards may be better for learning, stability etc.


I’d recommend the Landaychtz Dinghy. It will work well for her 🙂
That or the drop cat 33 …


Hello! Loved this thread, very informational. I am looking for my first longboard. I am 5’2, 170 pounds with size 6 feet. What size, width and brand would you recommend?
Thank you!


Hey!! Loads of great brands out there!
I’d recommend Landyachtz Drop Cat 33, or the Zenit AB Maze!

Sophie W V

Hello, I’m 5’3” and about 107 pounds, what size board would you recommend if I’m looking to cruise and commute. I’ve had trouble making turns on my current landyacht 36” and width of 9 or 10” – thanks!


the drop cat 33inch, Pantheon trip, Pantheon Pranayama, or even the versions of the Tugboat with 130mm trucks and big wheels could suit you well!
The Loaded Omakase could be a decent choice as well


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