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Best longboard trucks brands 2024 (in the world)

In today’s article, I’ll be going over the best longboard trucks you can buy from all over the world. Every truck on this list is high-quality and you won’t be disappointed if you buy them.

Check out my “best of the best” series here:

The following list will focus mainly on high-quality brands. Brands that use knock-off trucks, gimmicks, have poor manufacturing processes, trucks that break easily won’t be mentioned. So if you don’t see a truck brand listed here, their products probably aren’t worth spending money on.

Naturally, this list isn’t exhaustive. If I missed a brand, please comment or message me and I’ll add them after review.

Table of Contents

Best North-American truck brands

Bear trucks – best Canadian brand

Bear trucks is a company hailing from Vancouver BC. They’re owned by Landyachtz, one of the biggest longboard companies in the world. Under Landyachtz, they’ve been around for about 20 years. The history of Bear trucks is tied to the history of downhill skateboarding, in the sense that you can look back at the lineup and you can see the gear evolving with how downhill skateboarding (and longboarding) has been changing over the years.

Bear Grizzly Gen 5 Trucks Blue Fade | CalStreets BoarderLabs

They’re one of those brands you can rely on to produce high-quality gear. 

Cast trucks

Bear has two lines of trucks available, they have the TKP trucks and the RKP trucks.  you’ll see their TKPS trucks being used on Landyachtz skateboards and on some of their smaller cruisers. The RKPs tend to feature on their bigger longboards and those built for going downhill.

Polar Bear TKP

The Polar Bear TKPs are different from other TKPS on the market. it features slightly larger bushings which allow for deeper turning and more lean. Unfortunately because of the odd size of the bushings, it’s hard to find a replacement for them but I have heard that the Thunder bushings kit fits perfectly in them.

Admittedly, these TKPs are hit and miss with a lot of riders. Some like them others don’t, and the opinion varies greatly from rider to rider.

  • They come in 5 sizes – 85mm, 105mm, 130mm, 155mm and 180mm.
Gen 6 Bear RKPs

Generation 6 bear trucks are some of the most exciting trucks on the market. They come in a ton of different options, any rider can find a set that suits their needs. The trucks can be good for downhill, freeride, cruising or dancing depending on the model you choose. They have a very leany but turny ride. Arguably the “surfiest” trucks out there.

New Gen 6 BEAR Trucks - 180mm/50 degree - Daddies Board Shop | Facebook

I’ve been enjoying my set of downhill and freeride. They work quite well for my style of riding and they are the only set of cast trucks I’ve felt very comfortable with riding fast and doing fast stand up slides with. For reference, they feel like they turn more than Caliber trucks, but feel more forgiving than cast Paris trucks. 

Finally, that surfy ride is so fun for cruising too. And in terms of carvy and surfyness, the gen 6 are unbeaten on this list. They just have the right feel imo.

  • Hanger options:  180mm, 155mm, 130mm.
  • Baseplate options: 50*/40*/30*.

Previous RKP models – their 8 series trucks (eg. 840s, 845s, 852s).

Forged trucks 

Bear Kodiaks

Bear kodiaks are forged trucks designed for going fast and pushing the limits of skateboarding on a budget. They are very affordable and fall within that $150 range.

They use tall bushings and have rakeless hangers. This gives them a very stable ride but deep lean. They’re a good truck to pick if you want to skate faster than 40 miles per hour.

  • Hanger options: 140mm, 160mm, 180mm. 
  • Baseplate options:  45*. 

Precision trucks

Standard precisions – Bear Precision Grizzly trucks

Released in 2015, these were Bears first tall-barrel precision offering to the longboard market. However, they haven’t aged very well. They are hit and miss with most riders, some absolutely loving them and others unimpressed.

  • Hanger options: 180mm hangers.
  • Baseplates options: 45*.

If you’re lucky you might be able to find 50* and 35* baseplates for them floating about in a shop or in BST. 

Slalom precisions – Bear Smokies 2020 trucks

Jumping on to the Slalom downhill bandwagon, these are Bears take on the modern Slalom DH truck. But unlike other brands, these guys chose to use a plastic UHMW insert to manage the slop in the trucks. The hangers also feature a significant bushing seat. In comparison, other brands use a big urethane insert and most don’t have bushings seats.

120mm Bear Precision 2020 Smokies Pewter Downhill Longboard Skateboard  Trucks With 45°/20° baseplates -

I’ve been riding my set and absolutely enjoy them. They are stable, turn a lot, change direction very quickly and have a lot of lean. I will be reviewing them soon.

Check out my indepth review of the Bear Smokies here

Hanger options: 120mm wide hangers.

Baseplates options: 50*/45*/20*.

Where to buy Bear trucks?

You can buy Bear trucks here at the Landyachtz website. Use the code – “AroniSkate&Explore15for 5% off.

Paris truck co – best all-around

Paris is one of the best longboard truck brands out there. They have a very solid reputation and are known for making great products. You’ll see their trucks on the feet of all sorts of riders. Dancers, freeriders, downhill skaters and even casual cruisers love them.

They make a goddamn good truck and it’s hard to deny it.

Paris Truck Company - The Best Longboard Trucks Out!

Finally, they have a lifetime guarantee, so if your trucks ever get damaged or broken from use, you can get them replaced …. tbh most brands have this but Paris are the ones who actually advertise this hehe, it’s good marketing.

All their trucks are made from 356.2 Aluminum and all have had a secondary heat treatment for durability.

For a more in-depth review of Paris trucks, check out my review of them here.

Cast trucks from Paris trucks

Paris TKP

Paris TKPs are strong and reliable. Like the RKP trucks below, they are also surfy with an almost similar turn. Perhaps some of the most turny TKPs I’ve tried. Oddly enough they are quite stable too, I took these about 20mph+ and there wasn’t a wobble in sight – can’t guarantee others will have the same experience :p

paris tkp trucks

Finally, they have a taller ride height than other trucks, giving them a deep lean. This also means more clearance and less chance of wheelbite. I did not once get bite with these when I had them on my cruiser with 60mm wheels. 

  • They come in 4 widths – 108mm, 129mm, 149mm and 169mm.

You can pick up a set of Paris TKPs here at the Stoked ride shop.

Paris V3 RKP

You can’t go wrong with Paris RKPs.They are a very carvy and turny truck. They come in a lot of different options so riders can easily pick what’s best for them. Looking for a dancing truck? The 50*, 180mm option will serve you well. Need something stable for DH? The 43* 180mm options are a good choice.

That said, they might be a bit unforgiving for downhill. Though they can be set up to be stable.

The recent V3s are made with a proprietary alloy-forming process and have a strong reinforced design … a lot of words! But this simply means they’re quite strong. 

Imo, Paris RKPs are the standard when it comes to RKPS. They fit a lot of different styles and will work well for most riders. You really can’t go wrong with them as a choice.

  • Hanger options: 150mm, 165mm, 180mm.
  • Baseplates options: 43* and 50*.

You can pick up a set of 50*, 180mm Paris RKPs here on This is a good option for dancing and general cruising.

You can pick up a set of the 43* 180mm Paris RKPs here on These are a good choice for downhill.

Previous version –  Paris V1, Paris V2

Forged Paris trucks  

Paris Savant

Paris Savants are some of the best longboard trucks I’ve had the pleasure of riding. They retain the same feel as the cast Paris (which we all love), but are a lot more stable and have a more “direct” steering feeling. If you want a truck to take 40mph+, this is the one. If you want a truck that gives you a ton of control when riding, this is a pretty damn good option.

paris savant trucks

In order to achieve this they made subtle changes to the design of the truck, namely a more cylindrical pivot and a tighter bushing seat. 

For more insight on the Savants, check out my review of them here.

There are rumors of a narrow Savant on the horizon with a low angle rear baseplate – very exciting stuff for downhill skaters. But don’t take this too seriously, I’ve just had one or two whispers on the grapevine … not sure if I should be sharing this tbh …

  • Hanger options: 165mm, 180mm.
  • Baseplate options: 43*, 50*.

Caliber trucks – good for downhill beginners and freeride

Caliber trucks are owned by the same guys who own Skate Blood Orange and Prism skate co. The media they produce is arguably some of the best in the industry. Seriously! Just checkout this edit they made.

I attribute much of my love of downhill skateboarding and longboarding in general to them. They’ve definitely had an impact on the culture.

But yeah, you’ll see a lot of Prism skate co complete using Caliber trucks. They also feature a lot on Madrid boards.

Home - Caliber Truck Co.

Cast trucks from Caliber truck co

Caliber TKP trucks review

This is Calibers TKP offering to the world. They are fairly standard and reliable. A lot of riders have compared how they ride to Independent trucks. So if you’re looking for a similar option, they’re a good choice. They do come with 92a, aftermarket blood orange bushings, so they’re muuch better than the plastic things that come in Independents.

Finally, the trucks have a hollow version that comes with hollow titanium kingpins and axles. This reduces the weight of the truck by about 40grams. Is it worth it? Up to you.

  • They come in 3 sizes – 135mm, 148mm and 160mm.
Caliber RKP trucks 

Their RKP trucks are amazing. They’re very easy to ride, are stable, and come with a vast variety of ways to run them.

The Caliber 3R trucks are the best longboard trucks on the market. Caliber really out did themselves. The trucks are turny, but stable. They lean super smooth and have a controllable turn. Caliber really did the thing.

Read my in depth review of Caliber trucks here.

I rode a set of these extensively. I found that they were very reliable and easy to slide. Would I buy a set again? Yes. They were very fun to ride. I would pick other trucks over them for different scenarios though. 

  • Hanger options: 150mm, 180mm.
  • Baseplates options: 44*, 50*.

Find a set of 44* Caliber trucks here from Amazon. The best option for downhill and freeride.

You can pick up a set of 50* Caliber here from The best options for casual cruising and dancing.

Arsenal trucks – pretty good for downhill beginners

Arsenal trucks are one of the only cast trucks on the market using tall bushings. This gives them a lot of turning but a deep lean. A ton of downhill skaters swear by their cast trucks and feel like they’re the best option for downhill on a budget.

ARSENAL TRUCKS Trademark of Slingshot Sports, LLC Serial Number: 86316538  :: Trademarkia Trademarks

Arsenal trucks work closely with Moonshine MFG. You’ll see a ton of the Moonshine completes using Arsenal trucks.

Cast trucks

Cast Arsenal trucks review

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of riders like these trucks especially for downhill and freeride. They lean and turn a lot, some riders have said they lean and turn more than Paris and Calibers. Not surprising as they use tall bushings whilst those trucks use short bushings.

Arsenal 180, 50 Degree, Black Longboard Trucks – Moonshine Mfg

I think that 50* angle makes them suited for dance, but the tall bushing might have too much lean and lack agility needed for dancing. I haven’t ridden them tho so thats speculation. That said, they don’t seem to be the most popular option for it.

  • Hanger options: 160mm, 180mm.
  • Baseplates options: 44*, 50*.

Precision trucks

Arsenal Precision trucks

Whilst not as popular as the other precision truck options, the Arsenal precisions are quite good. If you liked the casts, you’ll likely love the precisions too.

  • Hanger options: 180mm, 192mm.
  • Baseplates options: 42*, 45*, 47*.

Rogue trucks – very stable trucks

Rogue trucks are the brainchild of Zak Maytum (owner of Venom bushings). They use a urethane insert bushing (slop stopper) to reduce the truck’s lateral movement. This helps prevent slop and gives the trucks a very stable ride. In nerdy terms, it gives the trucks a very strong centre, which keeps them stable at really quick speeds. It’s easy to see why this truck is a very popular option amongst downhill skateboarders. Admittedly, they are not a very good option for just cruising around or dancing.

Rogue Trucks – Precision Longboard Trucks

These trucks have a completely open bushing seat and use tall bushings. This gives a ton of lean and turn. When riding the cast versions, I felt like there was a tiny bit more turn available when I was in a corner compared to short barrel trucks. The crazy amount of lean available felt quite nice too.

Cast trucks 

Cast rogues

These are the cast versions of rogue trucks. They have a 48* baseplate and have a hanger width of 186 mm. They are a decent truck to pick if you’re looking to do freeride or downhill.

Cast Rogue Longboard Trucks – Stoked Ride Shop

160mm cast Rogues on the horizon as well. A much-needed update from the wider 186mm Rogues available today. 

  • Hanger options: 186mm.
  • Baseplates options: 48*.

Precision trucks

Rogue V2 trucks

These trucks are similar to the Cast rogues above, but they’ve been cut out of a block of Aluminum making them more precise and giving them a better feeling when riding. Most riders who like to skate really really fast often pick this truck. They are a popular choice for riding fast (70mph) roads in high-altitude locations like Colorado (the home of Zak Maytum).

Introducing the Cast Rogue Truck | SKATE[SLATE]

I’m not sure but it seems like Rogue has discontinued this series of trucks at the moment. 

  • Hanger options: adjustable 140-150mm, adjustable 160-170mm.
  • Baseplates options: 50*/43*/30*/20*/15*.

Previous models – Rogue v1s.

Slalom precisions – Rogue Slaloms 2020s

Unveiled in 2018, this was Rogues take on the modern Slalom DH truck. And largely the first time a lot of riders (mostly myself) took Slalom downhill trucks seriously.

Rogue Precision Slalom Trucks – Full Circle Distribution

What makes this truck different from the precision Rogues above is that they have an inline rear hanger with a trailing-link axle design. This inline rear encourages the back truck to follow the front one, maximizing grip and stability when going fast. Some truck models like the Don’t trips and the Bear 2020 smokies work under the same principle.

A lot of riders swear by these trucks. In fact, the 2019 IDF champion Harry Clarke rode these trucks to victory in the 2019 season.

I’m hopefully picking up a set of these Rogues soon so I’ll be able to provide you guys with an indepth review.

  • Hanger options: adjustable 106-119mm.
  • Baseplates options: 50*/20*

Previous versions –  Rogue Slalom V1s.

Ronin trucks – super stable trucks for pushing the limit

The first “odd-ball” truck on my list. Similar to the Rogues above, these also have a slop stopping system, but instead of a urethane insert, these use queenpin. The queen pin reduces the slop of the trucks. I won’t get into how that works, but you can read this guide on Ronins site to learn more.

These trucks are primarily designed for downhill and going fast.

Ronin Trucks | 100% Made in USA

What the queen-pin also does is gives the trucks a very stable ride – these are by far some of the most stable trucks I’ve tried. And because they use tall bushings too, they have a very deep lean and turn, and they are super turny even at the lower 42.5* angles.

The biggest disadvantage of these trucks is that they are hard to get. It’s hard to get either the cast trucks or the precisions. Ronin did do a new run of the Katanas precisions, but those sold out pretty quick. I don’t blame Ronin though, given the state of the industry it’s quite hard (and expensive) to make a lot of trucks to sell.

Another thing most people don’t like is that these have a sort of mechanical feel which can be kind off putting. That said, I felt that if you skate them pretty hard and on the limit, that feel isn’t really an issue. But how often will you ride that way?

Cast trucks 

Ronin cast Katana trucks

I personally think the Ronin cast Katana are some of the best cast trucks for downhill. If I had to choose a cast truck for high-speeds and pushin the limit, it would be this. 

ronin cast katanas precision compatbility

They are very stable and confidence inspiring, I felt very comfortable when I took my set to fast speeds. They felt muuch better than my Savants and I genuinely felt I could push my skills to the next level on them. If you want a cast truck to hit 50mph +, this is definitely the one.

Check out my in-depth review of the cast Katana here.

That said, they cost a lot – $125. And they aren’t even forged trucks or anything like that. That mechanical feel also made them feel kinda wack for everyday sort of riding … For more info on them, I recommend checking out my in depth review of them, linked above.

  • Hanger options: 160mm.
  • Baseplates options: 42.5*.

Previous models – Ronin Cast trucks (also known as CRonins)

Precision trucks 

Ronin Katana

These are quite similar to the Katanas above. The biggest difference is that they are finished in a CNC. There are also more options for these trucks available, both in terms of baseplate options, hanger options and rake options. Some riders also say that the precision Katanas feel a lot better than the cast versions tho, which is to be expected.

Ronin Katanas (Out Of Stock)

With these trucks, most riders choose to have split rake options and some even go for different hanger widths front and back. It’s crazy how customizable they are.

But one glaring problem. As I highlighted above, they aren’t very easy to get 🙁 And that feel isn’t going to be enjoyed by most riders … a lot of people find Valkyrie Voxters as good alternatives to these trucks.

  • Hanger options: adjustable 114-124mm, adjustable 124-134mm, Adjustable 124-144mm.
  • Hanger rake options: 5mm rake, 2.5mm rake
  • Baseplates options: 45*, 35*, 25*, 20*.

Previous models –  Ronin Billets, Ronin Prolites.

Aera trucks – best all-around freeride & downhill trucks

Aera trucks are the baby of Kevin Reimer – perhaps the most winningest downhill skateboarder in the world. Kevin used his race experience to create trucks that worked well on the race circuit and made a ton of podiums on them. As he aged and took his focus off racing, he created trucks that worked well both on and off the race circuit. 

Aera - Trucks

With the Aera K6 trucks now being prototyped, Kevin has his eyes fully set on making the best freeride truck he can.

Aera trucks are well regarded in the community. Each version of the trucks has a different feel and design, and they each excel at different things than the others. The K4s are well liked for freeride, the K5s are a great all-around truck, the Rf-1 are well regarded for dancing, carving and freeriding.

PS, he’s also the mastermind behind the Powell Peralta downhill wheels. They make good stuff for freeride. The Powell Snakes are regarded as the best wheels for learning to slide.


Aera RF-1s

These trucks are pretty unique. They have a ball pivot. Aera says that this allows the trucks to turn deeper and harder whilst still being stable. This gives them a carvy feel that a lot of riders like for dancing, carving and just general riding under 30mph.

Aera RF-1 DH 176mm 46° Grey Longboard Trucks

They are an excellent alternative to Paris savants, and might be the best forged trucks for dancing and carving.

That said, a lot of riders say that that feel isn’t so good for downhill – though a minority do like it for fast freeride. Most can’t handle how they feel, and don’t like them above 30mph. 

So yeah keep that in mind when considering these trucks. Whilst they might be pretty amazing for cruising and carving and dancing, they get kind of sketchy above 30mph for most.

I also heard they work really well with hardcore bushings and move voluminous bushings (like Venom freerides) for downhill and freeride.

  • Hanger options: 164mm, 176mm and 180mm.
  • Baseplate options – 50* and 46*.

Catch my in-depth review of the Rf-1s here.

Precision trucks 

Aera K5

Quoted as the best race and freeride truck Aera has ever made. The K5 proved to be an instant classic when it dropped.

Aera Trucks - The World's Finest Precision Downhill Skateboard Truck - Aera  Trucks™

To combat slop in this truck, Aera uses a thicker pivot and “pivot cup system”. This helps damper and restrict the side to side movement of the truck – which I think is an interesting take on stopping slop. Most companies just go for an insert bushing system … 

And when paired with hardcore bushings – which in their own way also work well to reduce slop and side to side hanger movement, the K5s guarantee a precise turn and stability at speed.

  • Hanger options: 164mm, 168mm, 174mm, and 184mm.
  • Baseplates options: 50*, 46*, 42*, 30*.

Previous models –  K1, K2, K3, K4.

Aera P2s

These are Aeras take on a small truck model. But unlike Rogue, Bear or Don’t trip, these don’t have an inline rear. They’re essentially just a smaller truck for downhill, but designed with that smaller width in mind – which is key.

The P2s borrow a lot of features from the K5s mentioned above, but they’re different in subtle ways so that they can perform appropriately at this smaller width.

Search results for: 'Aera Trucks' - Skate One

A lot of riders like them for mashing the boundary between downhill and freeride. They apparently work well as a small truck you can take very fast and still through a ton of fast stand up slides on. 

Again, like Ronins, these trucks are hard to come by. Aera didn’t make too many versions of them and they sold out pretty quickly when they got released. But I am sure Aera is gonna make more of them so be ready with your wallet when they drop.

Catch my in-depth review of the P2s here.

  • Hanger options: 120mm, 124mm, 130mm, 144mm.
  • Baseplate options: 50*, 46*, 42*, and 30*.

Previous models –  P1s.

Don’t Trip – precision trucks for every type of skating

Perhaps have the greatest variety when it comes to the number of trucks available. Dont trip serve pretty much every discipline from long-distance pushing to downhill, freeride and even tech-sliding. They have a pretty staggering offering with over 8 precision trucks available, which is insane to say the least! And to add to that, they have pretty much every hanger and baseplate option you could need available.And that’s not the end, they have adjustable baseplates too 🙂

Welcome Don't Trip! – U.S. Slalom Nationals – 2017

Though their precision trucks are on the more affordable end of the market, that’s all they have available. You better be ready to cough up about $350 to get your hands on a set.

And though each of their trucks look sort of similar, they all have subtle differences where it matters, making them suited for a specific type of riding. I won’t cover all the trucks, but you can find more information about them here on their website.

Precision Trucks

Don’t trip Haki review – good for “every day downhill skating”

These are the choice truck for Dane Hanna. Dane is arguably the most promising contender for the IDF championship title out of Canada. He is a force to reckon with on any circuit and it seems the Hakis are helping him along.

The Hakis have been described as having a more forgiving hook up and break out in and out of the slides than other precision trucks like Ronins. They’ve also been described as having a mushy gushy return to centre. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. If you’re skating everyday, you’re not gonna want to have a very aggressive feeling truck. You’re going to want something forgiving that makes it easy for you to skate. Though this opinion varies between individuals.

Buy Don't Trip Haki Adjustable Bases Trucks (set of 2) at the longboard  shop in The Hague, Netherlands Width Adjustable 115-133

Also, I personally think the Hakis might fit my style of riding quite well. I’ll have to pick up a set to experiment with. 

  • Hanger options: adjustable 115-121-127-133mm, adjustable 125-131-137-143mm, 115mm, and 125mm.
  • Baseplate options: adjustable 20-55* bases, 25*, 30*, 45*, 50*.
Dont trip Mollys Review – traditional downhill truck

These are pretty cool trucks. They come with adjustable baseplates. You can change the angle from 20-55*. This is pretty dope as you get to experiment with a ton of different angles without much fuss. That said, it does make the trucks sit quite high which can be annoying if you prefer a lower ride height.

Mollys have been described as a great everyday sort of truck. Some riders say they are stable at all sorts of speeds but not as stable and solid feeling as Rogue trucks. Which to be clear isn’t a bad thing. Some riders prefer the lively feel of Mollys at slower speeds (<30mph). And it’s fine, unless you’re mobbing and going really fast all the time, really stable trucks can make life and skating boring. It’s the truth.

  • Hanger options: adjustable 125-131-137-143mm, adjustable 137-143-149-155mm, 152-158-164-170mm, adjustable 162-168-174-180mm,  125mm, 137mm, 152mm and 162mm.
  • Baseplate options: adjustable 20-55* bases.

Other trucks by Dont trip

  • Bhangers
  • Boomers
  • Delirium
  • DH-Cybin
  • Mollys
  • Poppys
  • Slalocybins –  built for slalom

Rojas – trucks from another dimension

Rojas trucks are very much the odd one out on this list. Whilst other trucks have a tkp or an rkp geometry, these have a totally unique one. They use one big bushing instead of the normal two. 

Rojas Trucks — Longboard skateboard trucks

For one this eliminates slop totally. Because the hanger is only really connected to one moving part, you don’t get the issue other trucks have with the hangers doing their own thing. You can learn more about them from the video below. 2x World Champion Thiago walks you through a breakdown of the trucks.

Finally, you get a really turny truck that has this endless sort of lean but a very strong centre. Most trucks tap out of lean once the bushings are fully compressed. Because these only engage a single bushing, the lean and turn is endless … and this isn’t always a good thing.

For some riders this endless lean and turn makes it hard for them to find a point to kick the wheels out into a slide. Riders who picked up the 2020 Rojas say the wheelbite keys help give them a defined point for reference. Other trucks that have this similar problem are the Voxters below …

Precision trucks

Rojas 2020

One of the most expensive precision trucks made, these were rumored to cost about $1200 – with no official pricing guide put out. I believe only 10 or so sets were made …

These apply the Rojas single bushing concept and just take it to the next level with adjustability. You can adjust pretty much everything! You can adjust the hanger width, the rake, the truck angle etc. This means you could pretty much experiment with every aspect of the truck and find exactly what works for you.

Rojas Trucks — Longboard skateboard trucks

Finally they also come with a ton of bushings and accessories. Wheelbite stopping keys, all sorts of bushings with different shapes, sizes etc.You could spend months playing with all the configurations and bushings.

But are they worth the $1200 sticker price? I can’t say for sure, but the riders who do have them say they are absolutely worth the money. And others who do try them say the same. I hear Rojas is working on a more affordable model, so we might all be able to pick up a set soon.

  • Hanger options: adjustable, different width options but no info available.
  • Rake options: +3mm or -3mm. Ability to choose positive, negative or neutral rake.
  • Baseplate options: adjustable 48*-24*.

Previous models – Rojas Hybrids

Valkyrie Truck Co –  a fresh take on RKP trucks

Another odd-ball truck. These use a co-planar design. Instead of a singular kingpin which holds both bushings, these trucks have two. One kingpin holds the roadside bushing, and another pin is set higher up on the baseplate and it holds the boardside bushing.

Valkyrie Voxter DH Slaloms | Black Hangers Slalom, 125-115mm, 45/15° •

This does a few things. Most importantly it eliminates slop, but it also changes how the bushings behave and how you as a rider interact with them. That said, they are still very much an RKP truck and are probably the most forgiving option to go with if you want a truck with a slop stopping system that isn’t a urethane (or UHMW) insert.

In terms of riding feel, it gives the trucks a ton of lean and a very solid centre. The centre is similar to the Ronins, but does give it a mechanical feel. However, some riders point out that there is too much lean, so much lean that most riders use thick boardside bushings like Venom Kegs and Riptide chubbies to try and control it. However, that isn’t a bad thing, just a consequence of the design.

Valkyrie Truck Co. - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Facebook

One thing riders do say is that these trucks don’t have a definite “kickout” point like traditional RKPS do. This gives some riders trouble when freeriding and doing stand up slides as having a defined kickout point helps with initiating slides. However, using short barrel bushings and thicker bushings helps solve this issue.

Finally, the super strong centre these trucks have makes them really good for freeride. A strong centre makes it quite easy to hold out slides, and it’s what you want for doing biiiig 20ft + slides.

Precision trucks

Voxter Mk3 DH Trucks

Valkyries offering for 2020. These trucks are a solid choice for both freeride and downhill. Like the Aera P1s above, they seem an excellent choice for mashing the lines between hands down and hands up riding. 

Notable riders like Jake Ballantyne are absolutely killing it on these trucks.

The Voxter trucks seem to have a very forgiving transition into slipping/sliding that I know a lot of riders will enjoy.

I enjoyed riding a set, and whilst they worked well, they were a pain to set up. They also didn’t feel very lively at slow speeds. Altogether, I still thought they were some of the best trucks I’ve ridden. They were incredibly stable and easy to control.

Catch my in-depth review of the Valkyrie Mk3s here.

  • Hanger options: adjustable 145-155mm and 160-170mm.
  • Baseplate options: 45*, 30*, 15*.

Previous models – V1s, V2s, V2,5. RB2s

Voxter Mk2 DH Slaloms

These are not true slaloms in the sense that they don’t have an inline rear and a trailing link sort of system – it simply isn’t possible with the coplanar design. However, like the Aera P2s, they’ve been designed with that small truck geometry in mind.They’ll perform well and serve most riders well in that small shape. So though quite similar to the Mk3s above, they have subtle changes (notably increased rake that is different between the front and rear hangers) that makes them good in that small size.

Mk2 DH Slaloms

In terms of being a “true slalom DH truck”, Voxter argues that the axle design and co-planar seat already work in a way that maximises grip and control.

  • Hanger options: adjustable 115-125mm and 130-140mm.
  • Hanger rake options: 5mm or 3mm.
  • Baseplate options: 45*, 30*, 15*.

Previous models – Slalom V1s

Best EU longboard trucks brands

Sabre – UK (worlds fastest longboard truck)

These are the world’s fastest longboard trucks. In 2017, Pete Connolly rode these to a staggering 146.73kph. These trucks allowed him to stay cool, calm and focused at that speed. Though most would argue it was Pete doing most of the work, these trucks certainly were an important cog in that machine.

Sabre Trucks D/AT/CH - Home | Facebook

Sabre RKP trucks are a bit unique on the list. They don’t have crazy geometry or anything, but they use slightly taller bushings than standard (16mm vs 14mm tall) and lower than standard talls (16mm vs 20mm). 

Sabre trucks say this design choice was a consequence of not having a slop stopping system. They said that if they went to tall with the bushings like those used in Rogues, Ronins and Bears Smokies), it would actually encourage a bit of slop. However, they did say that they wanted some extra lean in their trucks and this sufficed.

More on that here on their website.

I love how Sabre is transparent with their design process. It’s very cool and gives you a lot of insight. Some other brands try to do this, but Sabre gets really in-depth and explains the details to you. It’s worth checking out their blog for some fun reads.

Cast trucks

Sabre TKPs

The most oddball TKP truck on my list. These use significantly bigger bushings than other TKPS. They’ve been designed to use the 16mm height bushings Sabre sells.

Street | Sabre Longboard Trucks UK

I personally liked these trucks as they gave a very familiar feeling to RKPs, but still have that TKP feel and low ride height.. They were quite stable whilst bombing hills, but allowed me to take that same setup to the skate park and grind rails and coping.

If you want a hybrid sort of TKP, these are the best on the market that I’ve tested. It’s also nice that you can use RKP size bushings on them hehe.

  • Hanger options: 127mm, 139mm, 153mm, 170mm and 180mm.
Sabre RKPS

These come in two versions. You have the standard version and a gravity cast, hollow version that is quite lightweight.

Buy Sabre RKP Truck at the longboard shop in The Hague, Netherlands Width  190mm

I didn’t particularly like this truck. The bushing seat is quite tight and this gives it a very restrictive feeling when riding. Yes the trucks still turn, but they didn’t have a lot of flow. I didn’t experiment with them as much, but with really soft bushings they would have likely worked well for me.

But yeah, they don’t match up well to the other cast options on the list. But if you take time to set them up, they can likely work quite well for you.

  • Hanger options: 180mm.
  • Baseplate options: 48*. Compatible with low angle38* forged plates though.

Forged trucks

Sabre forged precision trucks

These are the trucks Pete Connolly used to go 90mph with. I believe they were the first forged trucks ever made, and they set the standard for affordable high-quality trucks.

For more info on Pete Connollys 90mph setup, read this article.

Longboard trucks & skate trucks

These are a pretty simple and straightforward truck. They sit really low, so they come with risers that bump them up to the normal ride height (54mm). This makes them a bit more versatile, meaning you can wedge and dewedge them to get different heights without really increasing the height waaay too much. Which is always a nice thing.

If you’re in the market for an affordable precision truck, this is a good option.

  • Hanger options: 170mm and 180mm.
  • Baseplate options: 38*. Compatible with 48* cast plates too.

Skoa – Germany

Started back in 2011, these guys set out to make some impressive precision trucks. And they did it. Skoas are arguably one of the most popular precision trucks on the European market and they’re really fucking good looking trucks.

SKOA Trucks | A fine site

However, like Aera these trucks don’t use a slop stopping system like a lot of the other trucks above. Like Aera, they do use the bushing seat and a thick pivot to help combat slop. This ofcourse means slop is not 100% eliminated, but it does conserve the feel of the truck, making it feel more traditional. Some riders prefer this over how trucks with slop stopping systems feel. 

And tbh, if a truck is stable and feels good, a slop stopping system isn’t 100% needed. Yes, it might be nice, but it affects how the truck feels and rides. Anyway …

They have 4 models of precision trucks, the Zephyr, the M.Spec, Vertex and the Vapor. Each with their own uses.

Precision trucks

Skoa Zephyr

Skoas most recent offering to the industry, these are designed to work well in a small size. Like the Aera P2s above, they are also simply a small truck. But again, they have been designed to work well in a small size. It’s nice to see Skoa and other brands reacting to rider demands and making gear that matches the industry’s needs.

Skoa Zephyr Black CNC 136mm 47°/42° Precision Longboard Trucks

Skoa describes the Zephyr as the next step in the development of their Mspec trucks. They designed the Mspec to be a slalom like truck, with asymmetrical rake to give it agility, stability and slalom like grip. Skoa haven’t pointed out any major differences between the models other than the width.

What’s unique about Skoa is that they use a tall barrel bushing on the boardside and a short barrel on the roadside of the truck. I don’t understand this as a design choice, but it feels the gap between tall and short barrel trucks.

  • Hanger options: adjustable 124mm and 136mm.
  • Baseplate options: 47*, 42*, 26*.

Exile – Poland

The Polish take on precision trucks. These are some of the most affordable in the market, retailing at only 350euros.

Antidote Longboards - Home | Facebook

Not super new to the market, but relatively new to the downhill scene, these trucks caught the attention of a lot of riders recently. They picked up a team of awesome riders who really do well to showcase what these trucks can do. Check out Pearse Darcy thrashing these trucks below.

They work similarly to other Slalom precisions trucks here do. They have an open bushing seat and use a urethane insert as the slop stopping system.

Precision trucks

Exile precisions – great affordable option for LDP and downhill

The trucks use short barrel bushings. They were designed originally for LDP and came with a spherical bearing. However, they can come with an insert bushing for downhill, and some riders like to mix it up, running a spherical infront and a bushing in the back.

EXILE MFG - Soon at! #exilemfg #exilebrackets... | Facebook

For LDP, most riders like to run the trucks with the high angle 55* infront and the 0* bracket in the back. This makes them really good for pumping at low speeds.

For downhill, riders use either the 55* and 45* baseplates infront and the 20* baseplates in the back.

I believe Exile are working on a second version of the truck, which will use tall bushings. For now, the current model is more or less sold out in the market. Naturally some trucks are still available in some locations.

  • Hanger options: adjustable 120-140mm.
  • Baseplate options: 55*, 45*, 20* and 0* bracket for LDP.

More trucks

I unfortunately can’t go over all the truck in the market. It would be quite exhausting and the article would be waay too long. Below are trucks that are of decent quality and will serve you well too. Just make sure you pick the appropriate one for whatever discipline you want to do.

Ofcourse, they all have their own feel, advantages and disadvantages 🙂

Honorable mentions

  • Carver
  • Bennet
  • Luxe
  • Gullwing
  • Atlas
  • Randal –  the original trucks, all RKP trucks spawned from their original design. 
  • ADO – Germany
  • Gog – Germany
  • Kahalani – Sweden
  • Scythe – Czech

Out of business brands

These are brands that will pop up on the BST groups once in a while. Their trucks are still good and will work decently.

  • PNL
  • Coo
  • Liquid
  • Gunmetal
  • Surfrodz
  • iLlife trucks
  • Rey trucks
  • Fyre trucks

“Technical terms” that will be useful to understand

Reverse kingpin trucks (RKP) 

Reverse kingpin truck. These have the bushings facing outwards away from the rider. They are best for longboarding and are often the best choice for skating really fast.

rkp skateboard/longboard trucks
Traditional kingpin truck (TKP) 

Traditional kingpin truck. These have the bushings facing inside towards each other. These trucks usually have a thick hanger and are great for low speeds. You’ll most likely find them being used on skateboards, and on smaller cruiser boards too.

tkp skateboard trucks

This is a truck manufacturing technique. Aluminium is poured into a mould and cools to form the truck shape. Trucks made with this method often have small imperfections and aren’t the strongest.

Cast trucks usually cost about $50.


This is a truck manufacturing technique where a piece of aluminium is beaten into the shape of a truck. This technique makes the trucks super strong, stronger than any other option out there. Most forged trucks are then finished in a CNC, so their bushing seats and pivot pins have millimeter precision.

Forged trucks usually cost about $150.


These are trucks which are cut out of a block of aluminium by a CNC machine. They are usually very strong, and have no imperfections as the CNC machine cuts them to millimetre perfection. This technique allows companies to be creative and create whatever hanger shape they want and whichever sort of baseplate they want to make.

CNC trucks vary in price from about $350 to about $450. 


Trucks made for slalom are designed in a certain way. Slalom is a sport where a rider has to weave in and out of cones very quickly, so slalom trucks are designed to be able to do this easily.

A new category of trucks has popped up –  downhill slalom trucks. These are designed to be as maneuverable as possible whilst also being stable enough to go very fast (even 70mph). Some of them are presented above. 


Side to side movement of the truck hanger that is undesirable. Gives a sloppy turn and poor steering. Can lead to speed wobbles at higher speeds.

Limitations of the article

I do have to say that this article isn’t the best. I’m sure there are a ton of different brands out there that I haven’t featured. I do know there are some brands in Russia, upcoming brands in Europe and some brands Brazil. I just don’t have a lot of information on them and I’m not entirely privy on their reputation.

The article also heavily favours downhill skateboarding brands. This is unavoidable. My background and experience with longboarding is through downhill and as such, most brands featured here reflect that. I will work to update it with other brands as I try other things too 🙂

If you want your brand featured or have a favourite brand you want on the list, please contact me. You can reach me through my email ( or on downhill254 through all social media platforms. Bless!

What did you think, was the article useful to you?

The goal of this article was to simply provide some insight on brands, what trucks models they have, what they’ve been designed for etc. Using the information on this, you should be able to compare one or two brands and get steered in the direction of the product you want.

Ofcourse, this isn’t exhaustive brand reviews – those can come later 🙂

Big thanks to my patrons Jed, SuperbadJuju, Mowgii, Brian, Andrew, Jan, Jay, Owen, Samil, Daniel, and Kasajja for the support. Your continued support of me allows me to keep making things like this. Cheers!

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Johannes Montanari

You should check out kahalani cast truck! Swedish do it all cast truck with a cnc pivot that is super strong and stable but still turns alot. They come in at 160 mm or 180 mm with a 50 degree baseplate with venom 90a barrel cone combo. They are really beefy and can take a lot of beating without bending. Works great for everything for every thing from DH, Freeride, freestyle and dancing. They have become really popular in the asian freestyle dance scene. And used alot for freeride here in sweden.


Yup, hope to get a set of them soon. Swedish riders kill it on those trucks 🙂


Are savants still relevant today? You raved about them years ago but I don’t know if it’s worth an upgrade from my cast v3s.


Yo I need to know, Savants or Caliber 3s?


I’d say the Savants with plug if you can get them. So good.
But CAlibers are pretty good too


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